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Now available in New Zealand!

Monster Traction clear spray paint changes your whole game.

No more messing around with wax, pads or grip tape - just spray it on, and you're good to go.

Your board looks
a m a z i n g.
This stuff works
and it's now available in New Zealand.
Don't delay, get monstered today....
Monster - clear traction spray in a tin
  • Gerry Lopez recommends Monster Traction Spray Paint
  • surfboard,paddleboard,skimboard,SUP,windsurf board, Monster Traction Spray Paint works for them all!
  • Chuck Patterson recommends Monster Traction Spray Paint
spray on deck grip that really works - perfect traction for hanging ten!

Monster Clear Traction Spray is the perfect way to get great grip on your surfboard, SUP (paddleboard) or indeed most other types of boards for watersports; windsurfers, skimboards, kite boards, etc. Anything that you need to get good grip on with hand or foot, basically. No need to mess with wax or deck pads, Monster will give you all the grip and traction that you need.

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